Friday, 22 July 2016

Amaze team

I really explore a bit today... don't know why I liked the way they treated me n my friend... nd most importantly the children's of native place... that's true they all belong from same religion.. but than too that affection from stranger is just unseen in real time... but today it just came in front of my eye in a blink I catched all of them they were guinely happy by teaching those kids... may be the kids have no interest but the selflessness I watched in their eyes just mesmerised me... how a person get happy by someone else smile today I got that....
Ppl are too different sm are just so simple nd easy going and some are just difficult to understand I remember each moment about that time each face all were learning from each other.... god reside in ourselves but its we who decide god b evil or angel... sm thought just make us skip our hearts beat but at the same time brings butterflies.....!
  Smile on the face that's real hunger in mind n heart for learning more was true yeah loving smone without expecting anything in return is just incredible n I seen all that today.... it made my day...
It gave me kick.. ♡♥

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

mortal or immortal

life, jivan is never been defined or if defined it could be said having emotions, reacting on happenings. yes today i'm saying words on life, emotions define life in my view....!  one express to impress and one express to share his views. communication is a base of life.
                death, mrtyu is defined by no movement, emotionally, verbally, symbolically. while calculating death and life their's a similarity too with differences. death is not only a movement less emotionless body but a cold blooded selfless body too.
           life will suffer ups and down ant its mortal will definitely lead to death but death could never lead life. according to dharma theirs a murder or death of just a body soul is immortal, it travel from one body to another for survival.
                soul (aatma) could change it's behavior or not is a big question. i know my body requires food, oxygen clothes. where soul requires a dream and desires. means requirements end with body but desire and dreams are carried with soul to another body.
                  means no one is died and no one took birth because a soul is travelling from era to era. leave mortal, immortal, life death but dreams and desires can't be left. dream isn't just a word or limitation of one's fly. dreams want wings to fly in wide sky and desire leas to negative surrounding for gaining dreams at any cost.

          back to life and death: 

                              "life's everything with dreams and death's everything with desire". 

Monday, 18 July 2016


what encounter with us eitherconstruct us or destroy us. some of my loved ones believe on fate, 
                                             cm'on i too had gone through 'alchemist' several of times. but still don't relly on "maktub" (destiny). travel diaries are never destined. they are large as sky no limitation, no boundaries, no affection. introduction to new people, culture, tradition, surrounding and 'emotions'.
                               now must talk about "karma" coz, destiny never define karma but karma completes destiny. i don't want any debate or arguement or am compailing about it. just my assumption, imagination that  karma will define my place. how a one could blame his failure on destiny or luck.
                                i don't conquer but theirs a difference, difference between sky and land, difference between fake smile and true happiness, difference between hard work and laziness. yes am not that aged or experienced person who could easily give conclusion or refrence but till the edge where my eye sight is i have seen a beggar to be beggar and a millionair to be millionair.
                        when karma defines our destiny why the beggar can't be millionair and when bad luck knocks the door of millionair he can't be beggar. may be they themselves have dcided their limitations. their lifestyle is completely opposite from each other but basic needs are same, oxygen, food, clothes and shelter. both have their needy things with them, may be millionair struggle, hard work is unseen and is far more to achieve his goals.
                where as beggare don't make efforts to stand more than a beggar or the work he does or on path he walks isn't right one. in my view god is not partial. he gave equal things to everyone, that's oneselves how he utilize it to define his life. 
                    that means "karma" define "destiny". destiny couldn't be pre-decided it's us who re-create it each second with our passion, confidence, attitude, gratitude towards one's affection, emotional behaviour towards each thing and work.

a lonely journey

A Lonely Journey

The sunsets on this lonely town,and the darkness creeps in.The streets are empty tonight,as the lights slowly go dim.

A boy sitting on his bed alone,stares up at the stars above.He is planning to leave town,to find his one true love.

His bags are packed and ready,his room he gives one last look.A note on the fridge for his parents,In place of a picture he took.

He leaves his home crying softly,this journey has just begun.On his way into the real world,to find his special someone.

The darkness swallows him whole,but he makes his way through,just waiting for any chance,to tell a girl, 'I love you'.


Your beauty is like that of a rose,such delicacy and fragrance that everyone knows,the loveliness satisfies even the most obscured,and beauty such as this can't be described in one word,

The aroma of a rose is so fragrant,and just like it,you have that same lovable scent,a scent that can be smelt from miles away,and must be followed at any time of any day,

Your skin is so soft and gentle,it has the tenderness of a newly picked rose petal,a feeling that soothes the very edge of your fingers,and when not being felt,that soft feeling still lingers,

The thorns contribute to it's protection,but this kind of pain gives greater affection,and just like the thorns,you can also harm,not only a guys heart,but also his love and his charm,it all depends on the way you are retrieved,tenderness and delicacy are what should be achieved,

Your beauty is like that of a rose,such delicacy and fragrance that everyone knows,the loveliness satisfies even the most obscured,and beauty such as this can't be described in one word


From the day that I first knew you, Your heart was pure and kind; Your smile was sweet and innocent, Your wit was well refined.
The sparkle in your eyes was keen, Your friendship fast and real; Soft words were your virtue, And humor your appeal.
We grew as friends together, We laughed and shared our dreams; Along the way crush or two, Went unrevealed, it seems.
As years rolled on, our paths were split, Our roads went separate ways; We each pursued our interests, That occupied our days.
We soon forgot our childhood bliss, Of tender carefree years; We didn't talk or keep in touch, Throughout life's pain and tears.
Then my darkest hour came, And tried me to my core; To save my heart from ruin, I closed and locked the door.
Then out of every nowhere, With precise directed cue; An old familiar smile, Came slowly into view.
Although much time was gone, And the die of fate long cast; It was as if we hadn't missed, A second of the past.
You listened with attentive care, And reassured my mind; That loving hearts are still alive, With purpose and design.
Deep inside I've locked way, Emotions yet untold; As time goes on, and bonds grow strong, They will all unfold.
So thank you, friend, for taking time, To demonstrate your love; It's yet another blessing that, I'm undeserving of


You are my best friend, you belong in my heart, We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart. I know you as a sister, and I will always care, Love, respect, and trust are the things we share.
I know you as a person, I especially know you as a friend, Our friendship is something that will never end. Right now, this second, this minute, this day, Our sisterhood is here, is here to stay.
My friendship with you is special and true, When we are together, we stick like glue. When I'm in the darkness that need some light, When you're by my side, I know things are all right.
Our friendship is so strong, it breaks down bars, Our friendship is also bright, like the sun and the stars. If we were in a competition for sisterhood, we would get a gold, Because responsibility and cleverness are the keys we hold.
I met you as a stranger, took you as a friend, I hope our long sisterhood will never end. Our friendship is like a magnet, it pulls us together, Because no matter where we are, our friendship will last forever!


Here is a place for you and me, A special place for only us two, We have a special bond that no one can see, It's tightly wrapped in a cocoon, We are fiercely together in this magical place, Even through times when threads might break, But every time a new one awakes, To bring us closer and keep us strong, In this very special place in which together we belong..!


I’ve never believed in soul mates or in something I can’t see but we have a deep connection now I believe in destiny How can I feel I know you? There’s so much I need to say My God… I think I love you- What makes me feel this way? No longer am I denying what is so damn plain to see I just can’t keep from thinking that God created you for me And I know that you can feel it deeper than your blood and bone So come over here and love me make this empty heart your home We’re not getting any younger- I’m just waiting for a sign Why go looking any further? Let our two lives intertwine If you look into my eyes you’ll see lives we lived before We’ve had so many lifetimes and there will be ten thousand more I’ve never been more certain what I feel just can’t be wrong I know you are the soul mate I’ve been searching for so long


you wanna cry, but u can't....! you wants to shout, but u can't...! you want to live yur life by yur own decisions..not by situation u look near you u find yurself alone but u r standing in crowd of thousads people who really dont care about uh whats happening? each time uh ask yourself why me? and answer is no where..! yes you will live..! this phase is just for while just like bad nightmare...! you will wake in morning with new hopes n determination you will take yur decisions nor situation...! but for that let this nightmare end... let you open your eye... let you bring strength to speak n stand against world...!