Thursday, 15 June 2017

Journey Begins

From here the real journey begins, spoke by lecturer to last year batch. I thought this three words are used often and are always bang on at each turning point of life whether I'm saying about subject selection in 11th standard or what to do after 12th or this time when they are just going for training, well this all are perspective for career orientation. When we speak about real life where does our journey begins.

Indeed my journey began from my really very first breath I took after birth, my first step, my first word, first day of school, my first friend, first speech and what not that was my first attempt.

Though life's journey is never a game of thorns. But, a chapter of lives, karma, mistakes and fate. It just never ended only on one achievement but started taking next step at same day.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Menstruation Myths always Rule ?

Menstruation is a phenomenon unique to girls. However, it has always been surrounded by taboos and myths that exclude women from many aspects of socio-cultural life  is that right? We are girls, a female, a lady! Yes We bleed few days in a month; its sign of our fertility. whats the need of  hiding it, at many places we see family members restrict us to go in kitchen, temples, have pickle or curd, why? Just one reason why?

Myths just don't end here, we are ordered to stay at different place from regular one,  not to touch utensils or do house chores! Come'on we say we are modern but this orthodox mentality still turns a women down. In survey this thing is cleared at many places girls even don't know about menses till the time they faced it in real. here we won't blame society but family members they should give sex education to their child. a girl feels insulted when her dress get stain from menses blood. All people laughs or whispers in ear, it gives mental disturbance to the girl who is suffering.

This menses thing has became so big that now govt. has to put tax on sanitary napkins, We really cant understand whats going on... At one place we speak about Women Empowerment and at same place our basic need is charged. and sign of married women SINDOOR and BENGALS are tax free. whats this all about.. Every girl bleed for a while in month it's not a taboo it's common to discuss. 

Now lets come to the men who sell the sanitary napkins. We have right to buy them, and We will they are our basic need . Why the hell he gets bothered when we ask him for sanitary napkin. and he troubles himself to wrap that packet twice. First from newspaper then by keeping it in black polythene. 

We are not angry but disappointed, the time when a female need more care at that time she get more troubles from daily run, please if a female won't bleed how next generation will come. don't make it difficult for her. Make it casual and easy, more we talk about one thing; more we educate ourselves and others about it, it will no more stay as a taboo.

Sunday, 9 April 2017


Karma term literally means “action,” but in this context it denotes the moral, psychological spiritual and physical causal consequences of morally significant past choices, it likely is not a necessary condition either. I think it is a nice way of looking at karma and how it works.
Most people view Karma as a punishment. The phrase, “karma is a b$&@!” comes quickly to mind, karma as the spiritual equivalent of Newton’s Law of Motion. “For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.”
karma is not meant to be a punishment. It is present for the sake of education. How else is someone to learn how to be a good person if they are never taught that harmful action is wrong. A person only suffers if they have created the conditions for suffering.
Whatever one puts out into the Universe will come back to them.
Surround yourself with what you want to have in your life and be yourself.
If all one sees is an enemy or a negative character trait, then they are not and cannot be focused on a higher level of existence.
When we change who and what we are within our hearts, our lives follow suit and change too.
We mirror what surrounds us, and what surrounds us mirrors us; this is a Universal Truth.
Past, Present, and Future are all connected.
One cannot think of two things at the same time.
Here is where one puts what they CLAIM to have learned into PRACTICE.
One cannot be in the here and now if they are looking backward to examine what was or forward to worry about the future.
History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.
Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil.
Karma is a lifestyle that promotes positive thinking and actions. It also employs self-reflection to fix the problems in one’s life.

Monday, 13 February 2017


She started her journey with a destiny but no way... She has to figure the way, she decided to have something first than travel further.
            Her favorite place was not too near although uber helped her to reach their. She was regular customer their though all service providers were her smiling friends.. That location keep her reminding she must be proud Indian.
                    But fate have decided something else for her. Having mojita in one hand and Google search in another she searched where to move first, she booked herself a sleeper in bus their she faced her first problem as per all single sleepers were booked she decided to book herself on double one as per traveling noms beside her only female traveler could travel or book sleeper.. But bus owners had some different mind set to earn more money they called girl traveler and asked her to book another sleeper too so that no men could enter in her sleeper their they argued for a while n hang up.. After 10min again he called and informed her we shifted your seat on single sleeper and hangup. She was surprised cause when she searched online no single sleeper was available though she got all plotting of bus owner and judged his business.
                   After having some breakfast she left that place after watching national flag in air.. Crossword another calm place where she finds peace of mind moving towards her journey where she traveled from one very familiar place to stranger's town she was afraid although she knew if she made her journey safely it will open many doors in her life.. For that sake she pushed her fear aside and stepped out from bus in that strangers place.
         Things were going very smoothly, but that's true when u expect least that's the moment of maktub to punch u... She reached railway station their when she reached ticket counter.. Distributer was someone who used to rape women from eyes.. And that time he did same though she was already terrified cause still her destiny was miles away.. After giving her ticket at the time of returning her change left he might judged her as slut or something cause she was solo traveler a 19year old solo traveler he gave his no. On 10rs. Note was that correct.. She had no time to stay their and fight for her respect so she decided to move on and guess the solution later. In train one old man came he cleaned complete compartment and then asked for some money to fulfill his needs that 10rs note was now in his pocket... That's the solution she had action speak louder than words... Value of that note and way how all happened .. Indeed she cursed being in India where society never respect girl they bow their head in front of goddess but never before real women's
   What's true? What's a correct manner to behave with individual?
     That day her soul was her saviour his voice echoed in her ear do what's correct listen to yourself never let such bulshit stop you!
        She reached her journey safely.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Decision defines destiny

travel new places new peoples new customs new traditions.... travel around world...!
lets have different path today, path of destiny... path of fate... path of maktub...,
well truth believe in your karma.. KARMA: hard work or i say any change of behavior emotional physical that will be count as an karma of one's individual.., result will be based on same karma..,
newton said, every action has equal and opposite reaction. may be destiny is their but how do person could completely rely on it if he doesn't make any efforts for result.. the result will b negative, he can't complain to fate or luck for it...
make move wait have patience make research find your lows your weakness work on your weakness make them your strength, theirs sky u just want to believe on your own wings to have high n long fly..
life isn't about sitting at single place and cursing "karma" life is about learning about falling getting up and again running...!
have first step.. many things will come your way to guide you first make that step. have faith on what uh do.. have hope have positive attitude about yourself about your work.. don't prove anyone anything just make your life worth. worth for happiness of others.!

our journey begins with a choice to get up, step out, and live fully........!

our journey begins with a choice to get up, step out, and live fully........!
 life i discovered has many adventures, ups and down but i was never that shattered how much am today.. my thoughts were about to explode my brain if i don't give them words.... my decision were wrong many times but i learn from them today my decision made me regret for each step i took.. feels like my decision made a worst fate i could ever get... i wants to return to the time where i started taking decision being selfish... i always had flamboyant in my thoughts about us... but today some things just erased my entire good memories all whats left behind is cruel activities i always neglected....... yes you was always the same you are today... i thought theirs something different no only my virtual fairy world imagination was different... today don't know why i believe on 'maktub' may this was my fate today where i reached my complete world has changed... i proud on my some decisions they are are recidivist it was me who never judged today when things are crystal clear its hard to trust... but yes you are a murderer you killed my trust n faith... i will not destroy uh cause you are already on path where you'll destroy yourself..... all the very best Nd very true good bye..!

P.S: i just wants to write something that justify someone thoughts...!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Amaze team

I really explore a bit today... don't know why I liked the way they treated me n my friend... nd most importantly the children's of native place... that's true they all belong from same religion.. but than too that affection from stranger is just unseen in real time... but today it just came in front of my eye in a blink I catched all of them they were guinely happy by teaching those kids... may be the kids have no interest but the selflessness I watched in their eyes just mesmerised me... how a person get happy by someone else smile today I got that....
Ppl are too different sm are just so simple nd easy going and some are just difficult to understand I remember each moment about that time each face all were learning from each other.... god reside in ourselves but its we who decide god b evil or angel... sm thought just make us skip our hearts beat but at the same time brings butterflies.....!
  Smile on the face that's real hunger in mind n heart for learning more was true yeah loving smone without expecting anything in return is just incredible n I seen all that today.... it made my day...
It gave me kick.. ♡♥