Sunday, 28 May 2017

Menstruation Myths always Rule ?

Menstruation is a phenomenon unique to girls. However, it has always been surrounded by taboos and myths that exclude women from many aspects of socio-cultural life  is that right? We are girls, a female, a lady! Yes We bleed few days in a month; its sign of our fertility. whats the need of  hiding it, at many places we see family members restrict us to go in kitchen, temples, have pickle or curd, why? Just one reason why?

Myths just don't end here, we are ordered to stay at different place from regular one,  not to touch utensils or do house chores! Come'on we say we are modern but this orthodox mentality still turns a women down. In survey this thing is cleared at many places girls even don't know about menses till the time they faced it in real. here we won't blame society but family members they should give sex education to their child. a girl feels insulted when her dress get stain from menses blood. All people laughs or whispers in ear, it gives mental disturbance to the girl who is suffering.

This menses thing has became so big that now govt. has to put tax on sanitary napkins, We really cant understand whats going on... At one place we speak about Women Empowerment and at same place our basic need is charged. and sign of married women SINDOOR and BENGALS are tax free. whats this all about.. Every girl bleed for a while in month it's not a taboo it's common to discuss. 

Now lets come to the men who sell the sanitary napkins. We have right to buy them, and We will they are our basic need . Why the hell he gets bothered when we ask him for sanitary napkin. and he troubles himself to wrap that packet twice. First from newspaper then by keeping it in black polythene. 

We are not angry but disappointed, the time when a female need more care at that time she get more troubles from daily run, please if a female won't bleed how next generation will come. don't make it difficult for her. Make it casual and easy, more we talk about one thing; more we educate ourselves and others about it, it will no more stay as a taboo.

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