Saturday, 3 September 2016

Decision defines destiny

travel new places new peoples new customs new traditions.... travel around world...!
lets have different path today, path of destiny... path of fate... path of maktub...,
well truth believe in your karma.. KARMA: hard work or i say any change of behavior emotional physical that will be count as an karma of one's individual.., result will be based on same karma..,
newton said, every action has equal and opposite reaction. may be destiny is their but how do person could completely rely on it if he doesn't make any efforts for result.. the result will b negative, he can't complain to fate or luck for it...
make move wait have patience make research find your lows your weakness work on your weakness make them your strength, theirs sky u just want to believe on your own wings to have high n long fly..
life isn't about sitting at single place and cursing "karma" life is about learning about falling getting up and again running...!
have first step.. many things will come your way to guide you first make that step. have faith on what uh do.. have hope have positive attitude about yourself about your work.. don't prove anyone anything just make your life worth. worth for happiness of others.!

our journey begins with a choice to get up, step out, and live fully........!

our journey begins with a choice to get up, step out, and live fully........!
 life i discovered has many adventures, ups and down but i was never that shattered how much am today.. my thoughts were about to explode my brain if i don't give them words.... my decision were wrong many times but i learn from them today my decision made me regret for each step i took.. feels like my decision made a worst fate i could ever get... i wants to return to the time where i started taking decision being selfish... i always had flamboyant in my thoughts about us... but today some things just erased my entire good memories all whats left behind is cruel activities i always neglected....... yes you was always the same you are today... i thought theirs something different no only my virtual fairy world imagination was different... today don't know why i believe on 'maktub' may this was my fate today where i reached my complete world has changed... i proud on my some decisions they are are recidivist it was me who never judged today when things are crystal clear its hard to trust... but yes you are a murderer you killed my trust n faith... i will not destroy uh cause you are already on path where you'll destroy yourself..... all the very best Nd very true good bye..!

P.S: i just wants to write something that justify someone thoughts...!